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We are starting our first talk of the week tread, and the main aim is to get some friendly conversation going regarding some pending questions.

all you do is register as a user and let us hear your voice. Please lets keep all the comments friendly and no foul language allowed.

Question: We have a craven week question? is the short time you have to practice as a team a big enough reason to choose the best combination and not choose the best players?



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3 Replies to “schoolsrugbyscores talk of the week”

  1. If you choose the best players they will perform and not have to rely on combinations chosen by the same old selectors year in and year out. School coaches have it very easy I often wonder what their credentials are. Just a PE instructor who never wanted to teach?

  2. Ek dink defnetief die beste spelers. As ek na van van die unies kyk is daar genoeg tyd om saam te smelt as kombinasies. My opinie Desmond. Dankie vir die goeie idee.

  3. Choose the players that performs for their school. We have 3 players playing for UJ u/19 and Lions u/19 but they are not good enough for the Valke craven week… how is this possible?

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